What We Do

Sky Design Concepts provides proficient daylighting solutions to address any variety of your daylighting needs. Specializing in skylights and translucent wall panels, we’ve worked decades to provide the design, material and installation needs to help you achieve your daylighting visions; never compromise. – feel free to edit or correct as to where you see fit.

Skylight Renovation

Skylight renovation will improve the aesthetics of your building, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.


Renovation/ Retrofit

We offer our renovation expertise to help relieve the stress of any skylight headaches you may be suffering. From industrial unit skylights to large monumental skylights and everything in between, we provide simple and effective solutions to address any damaged or deteriorating skylights. Call today for your free quote and roof inspection with one of our daylighting experts. 

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What We Do

SKY DESIGN CONCEPTS has been in the skylight and space enclosure business since 1985. We DESIGN, SUPPLY, INSTALL and SERVICE our work, this covers:

  • Standard and custom skylights
  • High Performance Translucent Day Lighting
  • Glazed enclosures for pools, spas, atriums and solariums
  • space frames
  • and much more

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